Neither intelligence nor wisdom
Of any language, scroll or text
Could capture the sheer Divinity
 Of HIS Holiness

Though proximity or companionship
May not be possible with the Divine
The energy of HIS benevolent presence
Dwells at HIS Holy Shrine

A mere sighting of the Holy Saint
Held the power to cure and heal
The troubled and down hearted
Rejoiced… as HIS grace revealed

All the hale and hearty
Forgiven of their sins
The benevolence of HIS command
Could raise the dead again

The faithful; HE gave benediction
As this was customary
The infertile; HE would bless with child
A feat quite ordinary

HE pardoned sins of sinners
With repentance in their heart
For the act of their contrition
HE would bless them in reward

The glorious Spiritual monarchy
Was famed both far and near
The charity of HIS work
Echoed for all to hear

Attributes of The Infinite
Transcends all Time and Space
The permanence of his charity
Reflects HIS royalty of Grace

HIS depth of loving kindness
Brought great comfort to the poor
Those who lived in sin; renounced
Found peace within their soul

HIS benevolence knew no bounds
Beyond vain glory, rancor or malice
HE bestowed HIS mighty blessings
Through HIS love a sacred chalice

Myopic is Our Vision
Else when feats are not achieved
Such is the Grace of The Infinite
In hearts that do believe