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DAP Festivals choreographed performance to showcase the purity of Divine love to pay tribute to PRAMASHWAR - THE INFINITE

January, 2022

Dance has its own language. Internationally acclaimed DAP festivals choreographed special dance performance involving artists from Italy, Norway and US to showcase the purity of Divine love to pay tribute to PRAMASHWAR- The Infinite

Touring : Un santone indù, Yogiraj Sarkar Godariwale Shri Nand Lal Ji, vissuto nel villaggio di Dhal-Dhola nel Gujarat, tra il 1874 e il 1940, è rinato a Pietrasanta (Lucca).

Dicembre, 2020

TOURING- a national Italian magazine featured PRAMASHWAR-The Infinite in the December edition , 2020 enticing the art enthusiasts to visit Pietrasanta to see the colossal sculpture of the Saint.

Finistressularte: Pramashwar - The Infinite

ottobre, 2020

A widely read online art magazine in Italy, Finistressularte, published an article about the project, Pramashwar – The Infinite in October, 2020. The article expounded on the life sketch of the Saint and the making of magnum opus in Pietrasanta

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The Versilia Lifestyle : Scultura realizzata a Pietrasanta sarà collocata in tempio in India

ottobre, 2020

Sculpture made in Pietrasanta will be placed in a temple in India

La scultura monumentale del guru indiano Yogiraj fa il giro del mondo

ottobre, 2020

The monumental project in Carrara marble by the Indian guru Yogiraj Sarkar Godariwale Ji made in Pietrasanta goes around the world. Thousands of followers of the Indian saint across the globe are helping to promote his master craftsmen and the city as undisputed capital of artistic pursuits

Alberto Moioli: Project PRAMASHWAR - The Infinite

Settembre, 2020

Blog by internationally acclaimed art critic from Milan, Alberto Moioli in the year 2020 extolling the project, PRAMASHWAR-The Infinite

Materially Speaking: Pramashwar - The Infinite

Agosto, 2020

Sarah Monk, a podast producer from UK wrote a blog on the project, PRAMASHWAR -The Infinite

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Comune di Pietrasantra : La monumentale rappresentazione in marmo di Carrara del santo indiano Yogiraj Sarkar Godariwale Ji

Agosto, 2020

PRAMASHWAR-The Infinite won the plaudits of artists and art admirers . In the year 2020,Comune di Pietrasanta compiled another video involving artists from around the world who evinced interest in the magnum opus

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#Pietrasantanoicisiamo: Pietrasanta nel mondo, Pramashwar-The Inifinite (1° parte)...

Aprile, 2020

Amidst Pandemic in the year 2019, Comune di Pietrasata recognised the project PRAMASHWAR-The Infinite as important commission for the city. You Tube video compiling the work on the colossal Sculpture was uploaded for the exclusive series on distinguished Artworks – Pietrasanta Nel Mondo

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#Pietrasantanoicisiamo: Pietrasanta nel mondo, Pramashwar-The Inifinite (2° parte)...

Aprile, 2020

Soon, another You Tube video on the project, PRAMASHWAR – The Infinite was uploaded for the series – Pietrasanta Nel Mondo highlighting the perspective of the artist, Nicola Stagetti

Venerdi di La Repubblica: La monumentale rappresentazione in marmo di Carrara del santo indiano Yogiraj Sarkar Godariwale Ji

marzo, 2020

PRAMASHWAR – The Infinite featured in Italian national newspaper, La Repubblica, Venerdi on 27th March 2020

Comune di Pietrasanta : Artigianato: statua santo indiano realizzata a Pietrasanta, guru Trustee ricevuto in Senato

Agosto, 2019

The senator, Massimo Mallegni invited the Chief trustee to the senate house on 25th July, 2019 and extolled the project, PRAMASHWAR – The Infinite

Comune di Pietrasanta : Artigianato: guru indiano in città per scultura monumentale capostipite, delegazione da tutto il mondo per presentazione ufficiale

luglio, 2019

The Indian guru Trustee has arrived in the city to closely follow the creation of the monumental sculpture in Carrara marble of almost 4 meters of the saint Yogiraj Sarkar Godariwale Ji commissioned through an international contest at Studio Stagetti. The guru, who succeeded the founder of the Indian cult revered by millions of faithful, arrived accompanied by a delegation of followers from all over the world

Artigianato: guru indiano in città per scultura padre spirituale

luglio, 2019

“The artisans of Pietrasanta will have a special place to exhibit their works and sculptures in the new temple dedicated to our holy father Yogiraj Sarkar Godariwale Ji that we are building in India. In Pietrasanta there are the best marble master craftsmen in the world“: this was announced surprisingly by the Indian guru Trustee on a visit to the city

Ok Arte : Il santo indiano, YOGIRAJ SARKAR GODARIWALE JI, un epiteto del Divino, nacque nel 1874 a Nowshera, Gujranwale, una parte dell'India pre-partizione. Era il santo yogi indù del XIX e XX secolo

Aprile, 2019

The Indian saint, YOGIRAJ SARKAR GODARIWALE JI, an epithet of the Divino, was born in 1874 at Nowshera, Gujranwale, a part of pre-partition India. He was the Hindu Holy Saint of the XIX and XX century